​The Teachable Heart

Volume 3, Day 1 – Runways

“He will fly; he just needs a longer runway!”

I needed to hear those words.  As parents of a young adult with some special needs, my wife and I have wondered – frequently – if any of us are going to “make it.”  I haven’t conducted the research, but my suspicion is that the prevailing feelings among us parents are fear and failure.

We fear that our children won’t be ready for the world without us – and we blame ourselves.  That being the case, we occasionally need reminders that God has plans for all of His children – including ours – plans that He will roll out in His way and in His time.  Or as the mother of a twenty-seven year-old son with challenges stated above, some kids need longer runways before they soar.

Even if this hasn’t been your experience, I hope you’ll keep reading.  You see, many of the expectations we put on our children are placed upon them (and us) by our culture, not by God Himself.  Who is really to say that all kids should learn to talk by this age or ride a bike by that age?  Why is it expected that all children will be ready to leave the home after only 18 years?  We are all individuals; we all grow in different ways, at different rates.  Why not cut one another some slack?  I think Scripture calls that grace.

Did you know that the Piper Super Cub can take off with only twenty feet of runway?  However, the Boeing 747 requires nearly 10,000 feet.  They are completely different planes with different designs, different purposes, and therefore, different requirements for takeoff.  We don’t expect our planes to take off in the same manner; is it wise to expect our children to?

God’s creation has a lot of variability – and He called it “good.”  Maybe we should too.

He has made everything beautiful in its time.  (Ecclesiastes 3:11)